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Our Story

I am Emily Puno-Lee, owner of KimonaPinoy, married to a loving and very supportive husband. I started my small business venture in the midst of a pandemic with the vision of helping Filipino artisans by supporting their crafts. I saw how they put their hearts in perfecting their work, it also takes years of skills passed thru generations. Filipino artisans and designers should also be recognized and given a chance in the global market.

As a Filipina who grew up in the Philippines, I also miss my first home and family back in the Philippines. I want to wear a piece or have something that reminds me of home. With the kimona brand, I will be able to provide an easy access of our traditional products here in the United States. Preserving the integrity of Filipino culture and at the same time fusing designs with modern twist makes it a trendy piece that will be loved by the young and young at hearts.

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What We Stand For

KimonaPinoy is on a mission to support Filipinos who are also struggling financially in the Philippines by providing jobs and source of income to local artisans, sewers, and loom weavers. Our brand seek to empower filipino artisans that their skills and talents be known by providing access to global market. We aim to preserve and promote filipino culture by introducing indigenous traditions with modern designs and stylish touch.

Handmade & Homegrown

Making Hablon

Kimona Pinoy Artisanal Products Philippines - Planning
1 Plano ng disenyo


Thread cones in selected colors will be arranged according to the desired pattern before wrapping.

Kimona Pinoy Artisanal Products Philippines - Warping
2 Sab-ong


Threads will be set on a warping tool, then these threads will be grouped and rolled along the bamboo pegs of the warping frame. Threads are counted by hand based on the desired length, width or design.

Kimona Pinoy Artisanal Products Philippines - Beaming
3 Likis


Threads from the warp will be rolled along the weaver’s beam, a bamboo cylinder at the upper back of the loom.

Kimona Pinoy Artisanal Products Philippines - Hedding
4 Sulod sa binting


Each thread of the warp passes through the openings of the heddle.

Kimona Pinoy Artisanal Products Philippines - Reeding
5 Sulod sa salod


After the heading, each thread will be inserted in each opening of the metal reed using a bamboo hook.

Kimona Pinoy Artisanal Products Philippines - Tie In
6 Hugot sa baston

Tie In

The end of the threads will be tied into the cloth roll, a wooden cane at the base of the loom.

Kimona Pinoy Artisanal Products Philippines - Spooling
7 Pangalinyas


Weft thread needed for the shuttle will be spooled using a traditional spooling wheel.

Kimona Pinoy Artisanal Products Philippines - Weaving
8 Habol


The weaver steps at the bamboo pedal to raise or lower the heddle then the weft will be propelled across the loom by a shuttle and then the weft will be pushed against the fell of the cloth by the reed.

Community Love

Filipino Culture To The World

Kimona Pinoy started with a mission to introduce the beauty of the Filipino culture through indigenous hand-made products produce directly from Philippines to the world.

Why hello there. Enjoy!

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